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Product Lines

Scranton Manufacturing has a rich history of producing quality products that reach clients globally.

New Way Trucks™

Refuse/Recycling/Garbage Trucks

New Way offers a full line of affordable refuse equipment which includes: front loaders, rear loaders, satellite bodies, recycling bodies, roll-off systems, side loaders and automated side loaders.

New Way, a family Company, is a highly motivated team of experienced, talented persons. Since its beginning, it has stood for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. That commitment has not changed in over 36 years.

New Way garbage trucks combine economy, safety, performance and durability in manufacturing the finest equipment; representing the best values with support and service over the life of the product.

New Way was the first American garbage truck to roll down the streets of China. Because of its simple, reliable, low cost, and efficient design its technology quickly became highly sought after.

Over the past 10 years Scranton Manufacturing’s New Way™ China operation has established two Joint Ventures in the Republic of China, becoming known as the leading manufacturer of garbage trucks with annual production capacity of over 2,000 trucks.

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Hurricane Motorsports™

427 Roadster Manufacturer

Hurricane Motorsports is one of the most talked-about names in replica car production, and is now a part of the Scranton family.

The Hurricane 427 Roadster is an American supercar that can be built by just about anyone who has ever spent some time in a garage. The 427 Roadster comes complete with all of the parts that you need to build this dream machine while requiring no welding, fiberglass work or metal bonding.

The Hurricane 427 has been designed from the ground up specifically with car enthusiasts in mind. The Roadster's accurate shape and caliber of the fiberglass body, high performance racing components, and overall completeness have proven to be a major draw for enthusiasts. Another major advantage to the Hurricane kit is that there is no donor car needed. The chassis, suspension, brakes, steering, body, and just about everything else are all provided as part of the kit - all you need to provide is the engine, transmission, paint, wheels and tires. Each car is custom built to the customer's unique specifications.

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Bowie International™

Mobile Veterinary Clinics

In 1960, Dr. M.C. Bowie founded Bowie Manufacturing Inc. of Lake City, Iowa. Because Dr. Bowie was frustrated by working out of his car when making veterinary calls, he started Bowie Manufacturing with the idea in mind of making mobile practice calls more convenient and accessible. Bowie Manufacturing Inc. was the first to manufacture a mobile clinic out of fiberglass. Like all great ideas and products, our competitors have tried to copy us through the years but our quality and commitment to designing, manufacturing and incorporating the latest in mobile unit technology has never been successfully duplicated.

Originally, Bowie produced only a chassis-mounted fiberglass mobile veterinary clinic. Then in 1969 Bowie was again the first to manufacture and introduce an insert mobile clinic that allowed the veterinarian to have a slip-in, which was called the MINI. Through the years, new design concepts of insert veterinary models such as weight efficient compact modular units have been very successfully marketed. Today our insert models are the AMERICA II which is an 8' slip-ins for 1/2 and 3/4-ton trucks. The ULTRA 6 insert is designed to fit the extended cab 6' beds. We also have the CAPRI 6' and 7' slip-ins which fit the small trucks (S-10, Ranger, Dakota, etc.). The CROWN II is our slip-in unit designed for both the 6' and 8' truck beds and extended cab trucks. The CROWN II was designed so you can pull a 5th wheel trailer.

In 1985 Bowie's ability to innovate new products for the future was evident in the development of the DIPLOMAT mobile clinic. Again, Bowie was the first to manufacture and market a fiberglass clinic that will fit in Sport Utility Vehicles, vans and today's minivans. The DIPLOMAT II today has the fiberglass drawer arrangements with such options as a night heater, refrigerator and water system.

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Mobile Veterinary Clinics

In today's high-tech age, Porta-Vet's mobile veterinary clinics units are still manufactured with individual craftsmanship. Porta-Vet's mobile clinics can be customized to fit the needs of a general practice, or a specialty practice such as equine or dairy. Innovative products, quality and strong service have earned Porta-Vet a worldwide reputation for delivering the best mobile units at fair prices and with unmatched service. Such quality has earned Porta-Vet the respect of veterinarians across the world and made Porta-Vet a leader in the industry.

We are proud of our company's history and achievements, and we look forward to continuing this legacy into the future.

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McLaughlin International™

Personal Protection/Screen print/Embroidery/Marketing Materials

In the early 1970's McLaughlin International recognized an increasing need in the marketplace for personal protection and safety equipment. This prompted McLaughlin International to begin producing personal leather holsters for chemical deterrent devices such as pepper spray and mace (CS gas). Soon McLaughlin International grew to become one of the largest manufacturers of the holsters. These products were so well received by the public that law enforcement and security personnel began using McLaughlin's holsters as well. This sparked a whole new line of vinyl and man made leather holsters designed specifically for law enforcement, security personnel, and military use.

Today, McLaughlin continues to produce top of the line personal security deterrent holsters. The holsters are helping law enforcement, and security personnel everyday worldwide, and they can also be found helping save lives on the hips of United States soldiers in Iraq.

In 2000, McLaughlin International began offering a whole line of marketing materials ranging from screen-printing and embroidery, to pens, key chains, bags, mugs, and many other promotional items. With professional quality and superior customer service McLaughlin has thrived in the regional markets.

McLaughlin International recently launched a new website which offers customers the ability to develop their own customized website to sell their apparel, accessories, and promotional items in. It is a safe, easy, and cost effective way to sell merchandise online.

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K-PAC Compaction Equipment

Self Contained & Stationary Waste Compactor Units

Scranton and New Way have purchased the entire K-PAC compaction product offering from Stellar, including self-contained and stationary compactor units. “Earlier this year Stellar expanded its product line through the acquisition of the entire K-PAC product line which added cable hoists, container carriers, compaction units and tarpers to our current line,” says David Zrostlik, President of Stellar Industries, Inc. “However, we felt our expertise lies in the hydraulic truck equipment field, and compaction was not quite the right fit for us. New Way has years of experience in the waste market supplying refuse trucks and we feel New Way can take this product line and give it the attention it deserves.”

By adding this new product line, New Way, and Scranton Mfg. has taken great steps to build and expand New Way into a stronger leader of waste equipment worldwide.

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Custom Fiberglass Coaches™

The Ultimate Truck Mounted Animal Transport/Animal
Control Unit

Custom Fiberglass Coaches manufacture chassis mounted animal transport bodies to many Animal Control Agencies, Humane Societies, Rescue Groups, and Wildlife Conservationists throughout the United States that best fit the needs of animal handlers in the field.

Dedication and continuous communication within each organization has greatly improved the quality and safety of Custom Fiberglass Animal Transport Bodies. It's a very difficult job for our animal handlers out in the field and they deserve the best equipment available to help make their jobs as easy as possible. The safety and comfort of animal handlers and animals alike is always priority.

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New Way Ford™

New Way Ford is a family-owned Ford dealership in Coon Rapids, IA, offering a vast selection of new and used Ford Cars, Crossovers, SUVs, Trucks, and Commercial Trucks. In addition to quality vehicles, sold at a fair price, the New Way Ford team offers impeccable service from a knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales staff.

The New Way Ford team's commitment to the basic values of Dedication to Excellence, Accountability, Responsibility, Honesty, and Integrity converge to deliver a great overall buying experience. Their pledge to address the specific needs of each individual customer is what allows them to exceed the expectations of its customers day-in and day-out.

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Fast Lane Motor Parts™

Fast Lane Motor Parts is a NAPA Auto Parts store in Coon Rapids, IA, owned by the McLaughlin Family.

In 1925, the National Automotive Parts Association was formed, and they made it their mission "to improve the distribution of auto parts to serve the people and businesses who increasingly relied on cars and trucks for their transportation needs." Today, that mission, combined with the McLaughlin Family?s strong commitment to professional service and excellent customer care, has built a business that strives daily to provide quality parts and supplies for car, truck, and equipment service professionals, as well as everyday drivers.

With stores across the U.S. and an extensive inventory of more than 475,000 parts for automotive and industrial applications, NAPA is well-equipped to meet the needs of most any customer.

Visit Fast Lane Motor Parts at 510 Main St., Coon Rapids, IA 50058 or give them a call at (712) 684-7714.

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