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New WayTrucks to Clean Streets of D.C., Atlanta

Refuse-vehicle manufacturer completes two
sales to the East Coast

Nearly 30 New Way trucks will soon be cleaning the streets of Atlanta and Washington, D.C., after a recent sale to the two cities. A few weeks ago, New Way Trucks, an international leader in waste-vehicle manufacturing, finalized the sale of 19 trucks to the City of Atlanta and seven rear loader trucks to the City of Washington, D.C. The models that were sold — which included Cobras, King Cobras, Vipers and Diamondbacks — will be delivered within the next few months to their respective locations. New Way expanded its Canadian dealerships last month, and with a recent sale to Egypt, the company’s trucks operate in an increasing number of countries around the world, including China, Iraq, Puerto Rico, and Korea.

New Way was the first American-made refuse-truck manufacturer to establish a manufacturing plant in China, which still serves the Asian refuse market. Now, just 13 years later, New Way has successfully expanded to all 50 U.S. states — and around the world — while holding true to their original small-town friendliness and ethics. New Way still manufactures trucks for the Western world at their U.S. headquarters in Scranton, Iowa. “It's pretty exciting to see a shipment of trucks go out and you know they're bound for a major U.S. city or somewhere across the world,” said Phil Allen, executive VP of sales and marketing. “Because of our growing dealer network and increasing recognition of quality, we're seeing more and more big deals like this coming together for New Way.”

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