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Crushing the West Coast with K-PAC

New Way's line of compactors shipping across the West

New Way may have made their name in refuse trucks, but they've been busy lately shipping their new K-PAC line of compaction equipment across the western United States. Their new manufacturing and shipping facility in Arizona brings fresh momentum to K-PAC, purchased by New Way last year, and another shipping facility is under development to cover orders for the entire eastern US region. These new facilities equate to speedy delivery times for new K-PAC units.

K-PAC is a leader in compaction units including stationary and self-contained models, as well as units made specifically for apartment complexes. Their products have a reputation as rugged, reliable machines. Now K-PAC is seeing benefits from their new parent company, both in manufacturing advancements and in better distribution channels across the country, as demonstrated with the new West Coast shipping facility.

Western US dealers for K-PAC are located in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Texas, and the new shipping facility allows speedy delivery directly from New Way in other territories.

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