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Scranton Mfg. History

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“When Scranton Manufacturing Co, Inc. began in Scranton, Iowa, in May of 1971 it listened to its customers. Its responsiveness to its customer’s needs along with its outstanding level of service and quality product made us unique, says co-founder and CEO John McLaughlin. Today, Scranton’s excellent line of New Way products and outstanding level of service remains our edge.”

“Scranton is a leader in product manufacturing and marketing, and we have a tremendous network of highly respected dealers that provides its customers with the industries widest range of solid waste equipment”, says Phil Allen, VP of Sales and Marketing.

The New Way family continues to grow and the integrity of our dealers is second to none. While Scranton has evolved in many ways since 1971, the most important contribution to our success comes down to good, old-fashioned business principles where we treat everyone honestly and fairly. “Scranton will stay true to those principles and continue to uphold our position as the leader in waste industry”, says President Mike McLaughlin.

The Early Years

The year was 1971, when John McLaughlin and his brother and friend began repairing farm equipment in a building on the main street of a small Iowa town.

It wasn’t long before they started manufacturing innovative products that farmers in the surrounding area needed including the world’s first mechanical hybrid seed corn detaseler.

These agricultural products were so successful that the company soon was selling its products nationwide. His was a business based on high principles: Offer the best-quality product for the consumer. Provide impeccable service. Treat the customer with respect.

Building a company from the ground up was his dream, and soon Scranton was on its way to becoming one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of livestock handling and feeding equipment.

The company diversified into innovative products in the recreational industry with the first pickup camper tag axle and then into the automotive arena with the visionary Lite Star, a motorcycle car.

With changes brought about in the agricultural industry with a farm depression in the 80’s, the company purchased the New Way product line of garbage compactors. Soon the vision was to expand improve and expand the New Way product line and build a network of dealers to reach every trade area in the United States.

The Nationwide System

On our way to the goal of reaching every trade area in the United States, there has been in recent years rapid growth. So much growth that in just a few years, Scranton has expanded its facilties 4 times soaring to one of the largest family owned trash compactor companies. It celebrated the milestone of having distributorships in every one of the 50 states and stretched north to Canada. Today you can even find our distributors in Puerto Rico, South America, Mexico, the Middle East and Asia.

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