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Scranton's United States Military Veterans

We believe service in the military is one of the most honorable things you can do in life. The military instills work ethic and values that will stay with you throughout your life. That's why we are proud to employ many US Military veterans. View all veterans »

Scranton's Heros

Scranton's Veterans

Name Rank Military Branch Service Dates
Mike Rooney SGT USAF 82-89
Larry Erickson E-3 USN 67-70
Chad Young SGT E-5 USMC 86-91
Chris Greteman SPC E-4 US Army 99-Present
Dan Toms E-3 USN 65-71
Annette Hadley LCPL E-4 USMC 85-93
Phil Allen 1st Lieutenant USMC 73-76
Bruce Chaffee SGT E-5 US Army 70-74
Leon Shramm E-4 USAF 64-68
Harry Moore E-6 US Army 50-64
Brad Paup E-5 US Army 83-86
Joe Perez E-4 USMC 85-90
Roger Willinson E-3 USN 67-69
Ray Stanton E-5 US Army 90-96
Don Cross E-4 USAF 81-85
Leroy Reineke E-4 US Army 64-66
Ray Gibson E-4 USN/SEABEE 65-69
Mark Butler E-4 USMC 05-Present
John Griffe E-4 USMC 90-95
Mike Gibson Captain US Army 88-Present
Terry Smith E-7 US Army 96- Present
Wayne Morris E-3 USAF/US Army 70-72 / 81-83

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